Review Arab Health 2020

The 45th edition of Arab Health – largest exhibition for healthcare in the MENA region and second-biggest worldwide – took place in Dubai from 27

Artificial Intelligence to improve medical image analysis

In the U.S. alone, between 6 and 7 million people break a bone every year. Even though this is a common injury, it isn’t a

Cancer treatment advices from IBM and Microsoft

Artificial Intelligence will play a crucial role in oncology and radiotherapy February 1st: Two major IT companies reveal their trump card against cancer. In Brussels, Microsoft

New AI Advisory Board to Set Ethical Standards for AI Use in Medical Imaging

With AI-based technologies being developed and incorporated into the medical community at an exponential rate, major respected institutions have collaborated to create a new AI

“The more the merrier!”

Posted by Katrin Affolter on January 16, 2020 | No Comments This idiom describes pretty accurately how we data scientists feel about the data for our machine learning tasks. Generally

A Jarring Realization: Can AI Impact Disc Herniation Cases?

“I never even saw it coming.” People use this phrase figuratively, but in John’s case, it was literally true. He was sitting in his truck,

Yes, There Is a Code for That

Posted by Erika Greelish on July 3, 2020 | 2 Comments Pecked by a turkey? There’s a medical code for that. Walked into a lamppost? There’s also a code for

The Lexicon of Ligaments: Understanding Knee Injuries

PCL…Public Limited Company? Printer Control Language? Python Coding Layer? MCL and LCL? These are Roman numerals…right? If—like me–you’re not in the field of orthopedics, you

Do You Think You May Have COVID-19? Ask CovBot

Posted by Erika Greelish on March 27, 2020 | No Comments A photo of an exhausted Italian nurse, collapsed face down in front of a laptop still wearing her mask,

As Coronavirus Storm Accelerates, So Do AI-Driven Innovations

AI technology has slowly become part of the fabric of medical care. This integration has come in uneven dribbles and trickles, often delayed by a

NVIDIA Clara – How to setup your annotation server and kickstart AI driven MedTech projects

Posted by ScanDiags on December 18, 2019 | No Comments Version 1 Announced in March of 2019 at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, Clara is a powerful suite of tools that

Pixel Art – How To Master Medical Image Labelling

Enhanced by the use of smartphones and social media, the amount of digital image content has exploded in a very short time. Not only is

Diagnostic errors, Second opinions, and Efficacy in Medicine and Radiology

Last week, I had my regular medical check-up. After running some tests, the doctor concluded that everything seemed fine, but she would anyway send all

How Aging Baby Boomers Will Affect Radiology

Boomers are getting older—both as patients and as doctors. According to policy and practice experts at RSNA, in the early 1990’s, there was something of

Where Have All the General Radiologists Gone? [How to Combat the General Radiologist Shortage]

Back in the old days, if you were a radiologist, you were a general radiologist. In the decades between WWII and 1969, there was no